The legacy of Game Of Thrones

To be honest, Game of Thrones doesn’t have any new points. Conflict for the throne, clan struggles, zombies, dragons … All have appeared in other TV series. However, what makes Game of Thrones special is the surprising, intelligent and creative script element in character development. In addition to these lessons, if you’re a big fan […]

Game Of Thrones and 7 lessons of HR recruitment

Game of Thrones is a ruthless world, clearly shown through sudden and bloody circumstances, but true to the cruel reality of modern society, they conclude for us life lessons, social communication and useful recruitment experience at work. In addition to these lessons, if you’re a big fan of Game Of Thrones, check out our Game […]

Game Of Thrones: Jaime Lannister’s character, despite his armlessness, still easily won the Kingsguard knights with just words.

In the first seasons, Jaime Lannister shows us the impression of a bum, with an appearance of welcoming and romantic, mercilessly killing. But in the following seasons, Jaime gradually revealed that he was a sharp-minded person who had a need for erection and was soft when dealing with people. In the original novel, this is […]

Expensive life lesson from Game Of Thrones

1 – Life is never full of roses If the fantasy genre is almost all directed to a happy and reunion ending, the series “Game of Thrones” is completely opposite. George R. Martin has told a story that is very epic, interesting, monumental and, importantly, extremely realistic. We cannot foresee what will happen in life […]

Game Of Thrones Movie: One of the reasons Stannis Baratheon insisted on taking the throne was because he wanted to prevent the white ball.

In the last episode of season 2 Game Of Thrones, all the fans probably remember, Stannis Baratheon was furious because he failed in the Black Whirlpool battle and let the Lannisters consolidate King’s Landing. In this part, the producer described the match very impressively and left a lot of emotions in the hearts of viewers, […]