Expensive life lesson from Game Of Thrones

1 – Life is never full of roses

If the fantasy genre is almost all directed to a happy and reunion ending, the series “Game of Thrones” is completely opposite. George R. Martin has told a story that is very epic, interesting, monumental and, importantly, extremely realistic. We cannot foresee what will happen in life and this message has been faithfully portrayed in the movie. The film boldly breaks the stereotypical heroic image and gives viewers a journey full of emotions. In the world of “Game of Thrones”, good people are not guaranteed to win and bad guys often live long.

2- See the world in a more objective and multidimensional way

“Game of Thrones” tells a story from the perspective of many characters. This helps viewers explore and understand how the impact of culture, circumstances and education can affect one’s worldview. Specifically, the Wildlings may be barbaric to the Westeros people, but for Jon Snow and Mance Rayder, they are merely people who seek and yearn for freedom. For the lords of the Westeros continent, the Seven Kingdoms were everything, but in the merchant’s mind, the throne was nothing. Obviously, depending on each person, each event has its own meaning. “Game of Thrones” is like life, in order to fully understand it we need to broaden our perspective.

3- Stone faith will pedal with all waves

Maybe before the difficult moments in life, vaguely about your existence as well as your values. The words of mother of the dragon let you absorb something help her through those years of torment.That is belief, but not in gods or myths. I believe in myself ”. Having suffered from weak limbs, being despised by his brother and seen only as an exchange for interests with outside war forces; Daenerys has strongly stepped up from the world that was originally only for men and the killing, gaining freedom, rebuilding the clan and participating in the war for the throne.

4- Live a meaningful life to the moment

After each season, fans must witness the heartbreaking death of their favorite character, but more than that, how they lived. “Game of Thrones” proves that death reaches everyone, from noble lords to an innocent child. Petyr Baelish once said: “Everyone will die, but unfortunately while I am still alive and I am not responsible for it until the end of my life”. Despite being a character engraved in the audience’s mind by countless scandals in the dynasty, with the nature of ambition and brutality, this statement by Baelish is still the deepest warning for us.

5- Don’t let anyone underestimate

Unlike his brother Jaime Lannister, a gladiator who only knows swords but always hides his fear inside, “dwarf” Tyrion Lannister is impressed by his wisdom. Tyrion showed people that appearance or identity did not diminish any of his pride at all. In the first episode of season one, Tyrion presented this hidden quote to Jon Snow: “Never forget who you are. The whole world does not forget that. Wear it as armor so that it never harms you ”. That statement reminds us: No one can hurt or look down on me unless I give up.

6- Everyone will sometimes make mistakes

During one time Jon Snow broke his oath and had a relationship with a woman, Aemon University, who spent his whole life devoted to the Night Club, said: “If we behead all soldiers for For a relationship with a woman to happen, my entire city will be full of headless soldiers ”. Mistakes are sometimes not necessarily corrected with harsh punishment. Try to forgive those around us and don’t forget that we want to be treated in the same way.

7- Face life with optimism and positivity

All jokes aside, Hodor (real name is Wyllis) is known as one of the most lovable characters in the series “Game of Thrones”. He has a warm and kind heart and is always willing to do everything for the one he loves. And most importantly, he always faces the difficulties in life with a smile and the most optimistic attitude. In other words, Hodor is the most emotional encouragement that makes us understand that if we are not strong enough and positive enough to take on the challenges in life, we will lose before we can resist.         

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