Game Of Thrones and 7 lessons of HR recruitment

Game of Thrones is a ruthless world, clearly shown through sudden and bloody circumstances, but true to the cruel reality of modern society, they conclude for us life lessons, social communication and useful recruitment experience at work. In addition to these lessons, if you’re a big fan of Game Of Thrones, check out our Game Of Thrones Merchandise.

1- Employees who leave and return can be of great value

Initially in Game of Thrones, Jon Snow has never been an excellent name compared to the cast of characters full of intrigue and intelligence. He did not know much, even was nicknamed Jon “know nothing” by fans, he showed compassion when he sent tens of thousands of Tribe through the wall and judged as the leader of the night. Jon broke his oath of loyalty. It got him killed (fired / resigned).

 But when Jon resurrects (returns) he becomes a source of motivation and inspiration for the night team, making them more united. Similar to when an employee is returned, it will be a huge benefit because they have experienced the reasons for their failures and weaknesses, have been exposed to the outside working environment and filmed. In the old place, along with the determination to “repay”, the company will benefit more than harm.

2- Recruiting the wrong people will ruin the working culture

When Arya first joined the House of Black and White, she looked “pretty good” when working hard, eager to learn and very creative. But gradually, Arya revealed herself as a bad employee when shattered the culture of that “company”. Not to mention she also provoked and destroyed her colleague without submitting a conflict to her superiors.

And of course, as a basic rule of rejection, Arya who didn’t exist there was contagious when he realized that he was not on the same page of development. And clearly the subsequent losses the company incurs will often be more serious than simply quitting an employee.

3- Employers care about the interests of the collective will make employees loyal and stay

Daenerys is a prime example of an employer who cares about employee benefits. The attitude of not compromising with injustice and always standing up for the rights of employees (Unsullied, Dothraki) makes them live and die faithful.

4- A good leader is someone who sees the strengths of the staff and enables them (especially women) to develop to hold important positions.

Although the society is now open, but the thought of favoring men and disdain for women still exists in the working environment. However, that does not stop women from reaching key positions in the company if they are talented, and it is important to have their talent recognized and supported by their leaders from the beginning.

During the early seasons of Game of Thrones, Sansa, from a lady who lost everything and was crushed at King’s Landing, has gradually learned the rules of life and cope with intrigue thanks to ” advice “by Petyr” Littlefinger “Baelish, although in the movie this man helps her with his own ambitions, it is undeniable that Littlefinger’s efforts for Sansa, then she finally returns to Winterfell with him. sisters.

In today’s society there is no shortage of women with talent and status, but from the very beginning they always need the support and promotion of their leaders. A true leader is the one who can create other leaders!

5- Don’t be afraid to give a candidate with a bad history a chance

As Daenerys gave Tyrion a chance, not every candidate has an epic CV, sometimes even someone with a bad history. But if businesses completely ignore these people, it may miss out on truly capable people.

Before his imprisonment, Tyrion was a hero of the Battle of the Black Gulf, the Hand of the King and the Master of Coin were quite effective for the Lannisters. After killing his father and running away, everywhere chasing and ignoring him, only Daenerys accepted Tyrion for his talent, not because of his bad background or history.

All of us cannot know fully what happens to a person but only look at the results, sometimes they are unfair or sometimes they make mistakes in the past does not mean that they are always the same. bad element.

6- A good environment will include working age diversity, adaptability and mutual respect

Young staff learns from adults and, in turn, adults will be inspired by youthful enthusiasm. A company that creates such an environment is sure to thrive. Lyanna Mormont, the child princess of Bear Island, is a prime example of how the young working class can stimulate inspiration to all working ages with fresh perspectives.

7- Recruit because of talent, not because of relationship

Many employers often appreciate candidates from famous families or prestigious schools, it makes perfect sense but not all, a degree is no more valuable than performance. Like in the Game of Thrones world full of big names.

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