Game Of Thrones: Jaime Lannister’s character, despite his armlessness, still easily won the Kingsguard knights with just words.

In the first seasons, Jaime Lannister shows us the impression of a bum, with an appearance of welcoming and romantic, mercilessly killing. But in the following seasons, Jaime gradually revealed that he was a sharp-minded person who had a need for erection and was soft when dealing with people. In the original novel, this is even more evident, for example in the following excerpt. This is the part where Jaime recently returned to King’s Landing after the poisoning of King Joffrey, and is meeting with the Vedic team for the first time as a commander.

(Movie includes two characters only in the book, cut off in the movie. The first is Balon Swann, an excellent knight, but the son of a cowardly family, daddy must not dare to choose sides in the War. War 5 Kings; The second one was Osmund Kettleblack, a lowly mercenary who was appointed knight of the Guardian by Cersei for being … handsome).


When he heard the door open, Jaime folded the White Book and got up to welcome his brothers. Knight Osmund Kettleblack was the first to enter. He grinned at Jaime, as if they were longtime brothers.

“Please stand in your place.”

Kettleblack complied. The other Brothers also entered the room one by one. “Gentlemen,” Jaime said solemnly as the remaining five were in position, “who is protecting the king?”

“My two brothers, Knight Osney and Knight Osfryd,” replied Knight Osmund.

“And my brother, Knight Garlan,” continued the Flower Knight Loras Tyrell.

“Will they keep the king safe?”

“Yes sir.”

“If so, please have a seat.” All those words are rituals. Before the seven can gather, the king’s safety must be ensured.

Jaime found it strange to sit in the position of commander-in-chief – where the Brave Barristan had been reigning for many years. And even stranger when he sat there without a hand. But either way, it’s your position right now, and this is your Guardians. Tommen’s seven bodyguards.

Jaime has served with Meryn Trant and Boros Blount for many years; They are seasoned warriors, but Trant is sly and cruel, Blount is hot-tempered and petty. Knight Balon Swann quite fit in white, and Loras is of course always the standard of all knights. The fifth person is a stranger to you, Osmund Kettleblack.

Jaime wondered what Legendary Knight Arthur Dayne would say in this case. “How can the Guardian be going this downhill,” most likely he would say, and he would have to reply, “It’s me. I leave the door open, and do nothing when that worm crawl inside … “

“King Joffrey died,” Jaime began. “My sister’s 13-year-old son, assassinated at your wedding at your own palace. All five of you were present there. All five people are protecting him. Still, he was murdered. Despite of waiting for them, but no one would open his mouth. The little Loras was angry, and Balon Swann was embarrassed, Jaime guessed. To the other three, Jaime saw only indifference.

“Whoever takes action,” he told them, “Joffrey is dead and now the Iron Throne belongs to Tommen. I want you to dwell there until the tooth becomes white. And not be poisoned. ” Jaime glanced at the Knights Boros Blount. In the past few years he has become fatter, but to the large skeleton is still capable of supporting that weight.

“Knight Boros, you look like a culinary enthusiast. From now on, you will taste everything Tommen eats and drinks. ”

Osmund Kettleblack laughed, the Flower Knight just smiled, and Boros blushed. “I am not a food taster. I am the Knight of the Guardian! “

“Sorry, you will taste the food from now on. My sister talked about your willingness to hand over my nephew to Tyrion’s mercenaries. Compared to them, you would find the carrots and beans much less dangerous. While the Brothers train outside the field with swords and shields, you can get used to spoons and cutting boards. Tommen loves apple pie. Don’t let any of the mercenaries lose the cake. “

“Are you going to tell me that again? Someone like you? “

“Like how you died protecting King Aerys, sir?”. The knight Boros stood up bravely. “I won’t accept this. I see him as the one who should undertake the task of tasting food. What better could a disabled person do than that? “

Jaime smiles. “I agree. To protect the king, I am not as suitable as you. Come on, draw your sword, we’ll see how your hands do with one of my arms. One of us will fall and our team of Guardians will improve. If he didn’t stand, you can still accept your new quest.

“Enlarged!” Knight Boros stepped out quickly.

He’s cowardly, and that’s a good thing. Despite being fat, old and not much better than the average person, Knight Boros still has the power to cut Jaime into countless small pieces. But Boros and the others still don’t know that yet. They are afraid of who I was from before; And the current me, they only pity only.

Jaime sat in his chair and turned to Kettleblack. “Knights of Osmund. I know nothing about you and am very curious. I participated in many spear battles and battles across the Seven Kingdoms. I know all the knights, free knights, even every single squire with the most basic skill. So why haven’t I heard of you, Knight Osmund? “

“Sir, about this, I don’t know what to say.” He grinned and said, as if he and Jaime were longtime comrades chatting.

“At this place, sometimes over there, sir.”

“I’ve been to Oldtown in the south and Winterfell in the north. I have also been to Lannisport in the west and the capital in the east. But I haven’t come to a place called Time here and there. “.“I’ll just ask once more. Where did you serve? “

“In Stepstones. Somewhere in the Land of War. There the fighting took place incessantly. I am a member of Hao Hiep Association. We fight for the Lys and sometimes for the Tyrosh. ”

You fight for anyone who pays you. “How do you get the title of knight?”

“From a fight.”

“Who ordained?”

“Knight Robert… Stone. But he is gone, sir. “

“Of course.” The Rober Stone must have been some bastard from the Vale region, perhaps, and he was hired in the Land of War. Or maybe it was just a name that Knight Osmund patched up from the name of a late king and some stone wall. I wonder what Cersei thought and gave this guy the noble costume of the Guardian?

But at least Kettleblack knew how to use swords and shields. Mercenaries are rarely a noble person, but they must have certain skills in order to survive. “Very well,” said Jaime. “You can go.”

Osmund’s bright smile reappears. He left greedily.

“Knight Meryn.” Jaime smiled at the irritable knight who had rust-red hair and large puffiness under his eyes. “I heard Joffrey ordered you to beat Sansa Stark.” Flipping open the White Paper with one hand, Jaime continued. “Let’s show me the site we will beat women and children.”

“I follow the king’s orders. We have sworn to serve him. “

“From now on, there will be a little fix. My sister is the regent queen. My father is the king’s right hand man. I am the commander-in-chief of Ve Vuong. Obey us. Disobeying anyone else. ”

Knight Meryn seemed disobedient. “You told us to disobey the king’s orders?”

“The king is only 8 years old. Our first duty is to protect him, including to protect him from himself. Let’s use the ugly thing inside the helmet. If Tommen wants you to win the saddle for him, do so. If you give the order to kill the horse, come to me. “

“Yes. I will follow your orders. ” The Knight Balon replied hesitantly.

“You go back.” When he was gone, Jaime turned to the Knights of Balon Swann. “Knight of Balon, I have seen you wounded a lot, fought by your side or against you in riots. I heard that you proved your courage countless times in the battle of the Black Swirl. The Guardian King is honored for your presence. “

“Sir, I am truly honored.” Knight Balon looks tired.

“There is only one thing I want to ask you. You serve us wholeheartedly … that’s not in dispute. But Varys told me that your brother, the knight Donnel, initially served Renly, then later Stannis. And your father refused to recruit soldiers and stayed in his city throughout our war. “

“My father is old, sir. He is over 40 years old. His fighting days are over. “

“And your brother?”

“Brother Donnel was wounded in the war and had to surrender to Knight Elwood Harte. He was later redeemed and sworn his loyalty to King Joffrey, like so many other prisoners.

“Yes.” Jaime said. “Even so… Renly, Stannis, Joffrey, Tommen… Why hasn’t he sworn to Balon Greyjoy and Robb Stark? At that time your brother will be the first knight in this kingdom to swear loyalty to all six kings. “

An expression of worry was evident on Knight Balon’s face. “Donnel made a mistake, but he’s part of Tommen right now. You can trust me. “

“The steadfast Donnel Knight is not the one to worry about. It is you. ” Jaime leaned forward. “What would you do if Knight Donnel knelt before another usurper, and one day he pulled his troops back to this palace? And there you stand, in a white robe, between the king you are serving and your brother. What will you do? “

“I … sir, that never happened.”

“It happened to me once,” said Jaime.

Swann wiped her forehead with a white sleeve.

“Don’t you have an answer?”

“Lord.” The Knight Balon stood up. He promise that he would never act like they did. Very good. Please return to your duty. ” Jaime laughed out loud, “and remember to tell the Donnel Knights that afternoon and afternoon to attach a pinwheel to his shield.”

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