Game Of Thrones Movie: One of the reasons Stannis Baratheon insisted on taking the throne was because he wanted to prevent the white ball and Game Of Thrones Merchandise.

Before I introduce you to the Game Of Thrones merchandise, we have a small article for fans of the Game Of Thrones movie.

In the last episode of season 2 Game Of Thrones, all the fans probably remember, Stannis Baratheon was furious because he failed in the Black Whirlpool battle and let the Lannisters consolidate King’s Landing. In this part, the producer described the match very impressively and left a lot of emotions in the hearts of viewers, he even grabbed the neck of the witch Melisandre and asked why her prediction of victory. I am wrong. Melisandre then told Stannis to look at the fire, and when he did, an image in the fire left him paranoid and continued to trust Melisandre absolutely afterward.

So what did Stannis see? No mention of this incident is seen in the Game of Thrones series in later seasons, but in the original novel Stannis himself tells what he saw in fire with Davos, specifically in book 3 “A Storm of Swords. “.

—– Davos think that there is only one battle will be the end of them?

Davos think that there is only one battle will be the end of them. “Your Majesty requires my honest consultation. Honestly… we don’t have enough strength for another battle against the Lannisters. ”

“Your Majesty is talking about the Great War of War,” said a woman’s voice, filled with oriental qualities. Melisandre stood outside the door in a red silk dress and shiny satin, holding a sealed silver plate in both hands. “Compared to it, these small battles are no different from children’s scuffle. The cold is coming, and the dark night never ends. Unless the righteous people have the courage to fight back. People with hearts of fire. “

Stannis looked at Davos: “She showed me. In the fire.”

“Your Majesty, what did you see?” Davos asked again. Stannis Baratheon is not the one who likes to joke about things like this.

“I have seen it with my own eyes. After the Black Whirlwind, when I was so desperate, Melisandre told me to look into the fire in the fireplace. Chimneys rose, and chunks of ashes rose from the flames. I stared at it, feeling stupid, but she told me to look deeper, and… white ash, rising, but at the same time, it seemed as if ash was falling. Snow, I guess so. After that, the flames in the air seemed to curl into a circle, forming a ring of torches, and I saw through the fire into a high hill in a forest. The burned chunks of coal became black humans walking behind the torches, and there were figures moving in the snow. Even though the fire was hot, I felt shivering cold, and when the image disappeared, the ring of fire disappeared. But the image we see is real. I must get my kingdom back. “

Melisandre said that the great war had begun. The certainty in the king’s voice chilled Davos. There is a hill in the forest,figures in snow, no god.. “The sand is flowing faster, and the human time on this planet is running out. We must act resolutely, or all hope will be lost. Westeros must be united at the hands of an authentic king, a promising prince, the lord of Dragonstone and the chosen one by the Quang Than. “

—– Why he later became the only leader of the Seven Kingdoms ?

Not wrong, according to the original source, what Stannis saw in the fire was the White Ball disaster. This explains why he later became the only leader of the Seven Kingdoms to answer the Wall City’s request for help, and went there to help them confront the Man Tribe. At the same time, it also partly explained why Stannis always stubbornly occupied the Iron Treasure. Perhaps from the images in the fire, he was suspicious that the White Ball was real and was about to bring disaster to Westeros, so he wanted to quickly unify the Seven Kingdoms to be able to deal with the disaster. Another important detail, contributing to the sadly missed character depth from the novel to the movie.

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