The 11 most ‘living’ characters in Game Of Thrones and Game Of Thrones Clothing that we will introduce to you

Before I introduce you to the Game Of Thrones clothing, we have a small article for fans of the Game Of Thrones movie.

11. Theon Greyjoy

Theon Greyjoy is probably a deplorable and pitiful character in Game Of Thrones. In the first part, Theon made viewers angry by betraying the beliefs of the Stark House, killing 2 innocent children, executed Ser Rodrik Cassel … After falling into the hands of Ramsey Bolton – one of the sick characters Most of Game of Thrones and tortured to the point of being able to live and die, thought this was the end of Theon, but this character still survived. At the end of season 7, we see a different Theon when faced with the remnants of Yara. Theon defeats the strongest of the party, uses his actions and words to gain the respect of the soldiers and convinces them to follow him.

10. Jorah Mormont

Faintly appearing in the first season, the character Jorah Mormont increasingly shows his importance as the closest and loyal number 1 of “Mother Dragon” Daenerys Targaryen. In the Season 8 teaser trailer, Jorah Mormont can be seen in a battle wearing the Heartsbane (the Tarly clan sword Sam took away while fleeing Horn Hill last season). Will this object continue to survive or die for the one he loves as his lifelong wish? The answer can only be revealed when the movie airs.

9. Tyrion Lannister

As one of the most beloved characters in Game Of Thrones, Tyrion Lannister impresses viewers by possessing an extraordinary intelligence behind his ugly appearance and unruly bohemian. Not only did he have extensive knowledge, had formidable political and economic skills, when needed, Tyrion Lannister was also very brave and strong. During the previous seven seasons, Tyrion was a skilled strategist with smart military moves, an eloquent genius at critical times. Currently, Tyrion has chosen to become the arm of Queen Daenerys. At the end of season 7, the image of Tyrion standing in the dark watching the Dragon Mother welcome Jon Snow into the room with deep eyes makes Game Of Thorne fans spoiled for “conspiracy theories” about what this character is planning. in the next season.

8. The Hound

In the first season, The Hound (Hound) created a grudge against viewers when appearing as a scary bodyguard, the murderous hand of the cruel, overbearing Prince Joffrey. However, the later, this character became even more “human” after leaving King’s Landing and wandering with Arya. The audience is looking forward to the scene where The Hound and Arya Stark meet again in season 8.

7. Jaime Lannister

From one of the most hated guys of Game Of Thrones, Jaime Lannister had a spectacular “comeback” when he gradually became a “silent hero” and regained sympathy from viewers. There are even many theories that Jamie is the hero who sacrificed to save the 7 kingdoms from the invasion of the dead army – White Ball.

6. Sansa Stark

Sansa is exactly a new, useless “banh beo” young lady at the beginning of Game Of Thrones. After a series of horrible events, now a grown-up Sansa begins to use tactics and is much more cruel. After Jon Snow’s true identity is made public, Sansa is undoubtedly the most deserving name to rule Winterfell.

5. Cersei Lannister

Over the years, Queen Cersei becomes even more brutal and cunning than before. Cold-blooded, cruel and maddened are the best words to describe Cersei. In season 7, Cersei caused Dragon Mother Daenerys more than once to fail at her hands. Cercei has lost everything, from her husband, children to her father, now her brother and mistress, the only thing she has left has nothing but power.

4. Arya Stark

Unlike her sister Sansa, Arya has shown strong, boldness and is not afraid to use violence from an early age. Currently, she is the Faceless Men with the purpose of living solely around taking revenge on those who murdered her family. In part 7, the youngest of the Stark family makes audiences around the world “eyes wide open” when cutting the neck of Lord Walder Frey and combining with Sansa “traps” one of the most cunning characters in Game Of Thrones – Petyr Baelish (Little Finger).

3. Daenerys Targaryen

From the shy, innocent princess of the Targaryen family in the first part, Daenerys has now become a powerful queen with a powerful army and ultimate weapon no one can get: giant dragons! “Mother Dragon” also never hesitated to show his ambition to dominate all of Westeros. Always one of the most important characters, of course Daenerys Targaryen will not “fly” so easily. However keep in mind that in Game Of Thrones nothing is impossible.

2. Jon Snow

Jon Snow died once, literally. Then, spectacularly revived in the amazed eyes of millions of audiences around the world. Season 8 will certainly be extremely interesting when Jon discovers his true identity: he is not Ned Stark’s fallen child, but a descendant of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. This means that Jon is the legal heir to the Iron Throne (Iron Throne) along with Daenerys Targaryen. At the end of season 7, the relationship between Jon and Daenerys has another big step forward when the two officially become lovers.

1. Bran Stark (Three-Eyed Crow)

The last character that has survived from season one to the present is none other than Bran Stark. After being pushed out of a tower that resulted in hemiplegia at the age of 10, Bran went through the arduous journey of overcoming the White Ball’s attack to reach the Wall and officially became the Three-Eyed Raven. Bran is also no longer the little Stark son as the audience sees in the first part, the current guy has the ability to see through both the past and the future, and is revealed to be a key figure helping the army of Jon and Mother Dragon won the White Ball in the final battle.

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